​We will help you prepare and provide all the necessary documents ​to ​apply the Social Visa


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About Social Visa Indonesia

Social Visa Indonesia is one of the most popular visas that chosen by many tourists beside the Visa on Arrival (VOA).

What makes Social Visa favored is because it can allow you to stay in Indonesia for a maximum of 180 days without the need to leave off Indonesia during the stay.

With that condition, Social Visa is suitable for those who intend to spend a long time in Indonesia, and it's already fixed. For short stay, you can use the Visa on Arrival or 30 days free visa.

Social Visa is eligible for people originally from certain countries. For the complete list, you may check the official Indonesian Immigration website (click here). If your country is not listed there, ​so unfortunate, You cannot apply for it.

The Benefits of Using Social Visa

Social Visa comes with some benefits. We can start with its simplicity, pricing and how it can be very convenient for you to have it.

THE PRICING - Regarding  the 180 days stays Social Visa is the cheapest choice for you. CLICK HERE to see Social Visa pricing.

EASY REQUIREMENTS - To start the process of applying for the social visa, we only need your front page picture of your passport and also your photograph.

​QUICK ACCEPTANCE - ​​Contact us so we can advise you on how to get the social visa in only of 6 hours more or less.

​ONE IMMIGRATION VISIT ONLY - In your six months in Bali Indonesia, with Social Visa, You require only ONCE to visit the immigration office. We will handle the rest for you. 

The Steps to apply and get Social Visa

We have summarized the steps and some essential things you should know and prepare before you apply for the social visa.


​​Send us the picture by WhatsApp or email. Then we will start to make and prepare the sponsor letter. Once it is ready, we will send the letter to you.

NOTE:  Make sure your passport still valid for at least six months before it is expiry, and it has at least two blank pages.


​Come to Indonesia Embassy or Consulate of your choice. Bring all the requirements:

    - Sponsor Letter and the sponsor ID (we will provide them for you)
    - Photograph sized 4x6 cm, white background for two pieces
    - Bank Statement for the last 3 months

NOTE:  ​Before you visit the embassy, we suggest you call or email the embassy and ask for the requirement and process detail. Some certain embassy will need more documents.


​​​You should your Social Visa approved and stamped on your passport by now. You are now eligible to enter Indonesia. Usually, you will be given 60 days for the initial stay, but rarely 30 days only.

NOTE: Before the 60 days or 30 days finish, please come to our office so we can submit your Social Visa for the first extension.

​Get Your Social Visa

Fill out these forms below, or you can directly contact us by WhatsApp, we will get back to you as fast as we can all details you may need.

+62 811 3979 762

[email protected]

The Pricing

​Please see our Social Cultural Visa pricing below:

1. SPONSOR LETTER ONLY - NOT AVAILABLE and each extensions will cost 800,000 for REGULAR or 1,200,000 for FASTER.

2. Package of Sponsor Letter + four extensions = NOT AVAILABLE

How to get the Social Visa only in 1 day in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur

​​You ​may apply for Social Visa in any Indonesia embassy of your choice. However, if you want to get it done very quickly, then using an agent in Singapore is the best decision for you.

Follow these steps on how to do it.

1. Get all the necessary documents that we have prepared for you.

2. Contact the agent in Singapore (we will give you his contact) and arrange the meeting with him. Make sure you meet him on business days (Mon-Fri) and not on national holiday.

4. To be finished in one day, the meeting must be maximum at 10am. Wait for a few hours and your visa will be ready at 5 pm.



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